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After only three years, we’ve had the pleasure of working with everyone from the WA Circus Festival to financial clients & local start-ups.

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Some of our tastiest work

custom application development

Focus Networks Monitoring Service

The problem itself

When I came to Focus, Doug and Dave presented me with a query in regards to monitoring customers network infrastructure and devices. They initially used THREE different applications to monitor things such as traffic throughput, device status and link status.

Why this was a problem

Their old system only pinged these devices to check whether they were up, and only pulled through rudimentary data from firewalls, such as traffic through each port. This caused issues when trying to identify issues when a piece of network gear was playing up.

My solution

I thought long and hard for a solution to this issue, and came up with the idea of using LibreNMS, a network monitoring service forked from Observium. Libre was completely open source, and built on Laravel, meaning it would be super easy for me to build exactly what Doug and Dave wanted.

One installed, I ripped it apart, re-branding it and creating several custom views. From this single application, we were now able to monitor every device type from security cameras, to UPS’, and pull very very specific information from devices which once required logging into the web interface for the device. All hosts are neatly displayed in a custom view widget with their host name, and issue an alert when down, which is emailed out and sounds an alert played through the TV speakers.

Using Libre, I was able to simplify the morning checks performed by the engineers in the morning, by integrating 60% of things that need to be checked, such as security camera status, solar panel statistics, link status, UPS temperature, into a single easy to navigate page.


After implementation, the other three applications were decommissioned. The effect has been extremely beneficial, as the guys are now able to monitor every device type under the sun, and view very specific SNMP or ICMP based data on these devices, allowing for simplified diagnosis of issues.

Cross plaform application

Whipp-It Delivery

The idea

In 2017, I was approached by a family friend who had been running around looking for someone to build out an application he had been dreaming up for years. The premise behind it was simple, an Uber Eats style service that would deliver everything, whether it’s documents, or clothing, the system would allow for the request of an on demand courier to deliver anything under the sun.

The conception of the partnership

After some brief discussion, Marco asked for a quote, and after two weeks we presented a full proposal document outlaying the specifics of development, a timeline, architecture overview, and payment structure. After seeing over five different companies, some from India in virtual offices, and some local guys on St George’s Terrace, they decided they wanted to make their vision true with us. Not only did they believe in us as developers, but as as potential assets to the company, therefore Alex and I took a portion of Equity in Whipp-It, as well as a seat on the board.

The nitty gritty

Development began with extensive planning, we were meeting up regularly and hashing out the specifics of the application, everything from the views, to the flow of the applications. Alex and I chose React Native to build the application, allowing for it’s construction in a single language, then seamless compilation onto both iOS and Android. We paired this with a rigid Laravel backend, all nicely sitting on an AWS instance for scalability – something we designed this application around in the first place. With expansion in mind, throughout the development process Alex and I carefuly constructed everything around the ability to `cut and paste` this application into any city, in any country around the globe, as we believe this application will really take off, so the architecture behind it had a large need to accommodate such an event as rapid expansion.


After a year of development, Whipp-It delivery will be launched in May 2019. Alex and I are extraordinarily proud of what we have been able to produce given this is our first application, and we have no doubt that it sits very pretty in between the big guns such as Deliveroo and Uber Eats.

Our Partners

We have the pleasure of being partenered in contract with some pretty awesome companies around Perth & Australia – whether it’s developing complex applications, auditing systems, or providing knowledge and experience to help resolve issues, we deliver an unparalleled level of service.

Our clients aren’t just clients to us, they become friends, I believe frienship and honesty are probably two of the most important traits to have in the ITĀ  industry today. I attribute both to all of ADCC’s success. Josh Cusens, Founder.

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